Budgeting for Summer Vacation

June 15, 2022

Summer’s here! That means road trips, camping, amusement parks, resorts, tropical getaways or whatever your version of summer vacation is. While these luxuries are fun and exciting, they also tend to be expensive. Here are four tips on how to budget for your summer vacation.

Meal Budget

A huge part of vacationing is the food. You’re presented with the opportunity to try foods that you’ve probably never had before at restaurants you’ve probably never been to before. This would excite anyone, but it could break the bank if you don’t prepare for it. Research the restaurants to get an idea of how much the average meal costs before deciding whether or not you can afford to eat there. You also don’t have to eat fancy or expensive meals every day of your trip. There’s nothing wrong with springing for a regular salad or burger on vacation if that’s what you can afford.

Catch Hotel Deals

Hotels don’t always over advertise their deals since it is more beneficial to them if their customers are paying full price. But just because the deals aren’t heavily advertised doesn’t mean they aren’t there; you just have to look for them. Research hotels near your destination and compare their prices to make sure you’re choosing the one with the best deal.

Wear What You Have

Who doesn’t want to look their best on vacation? We often feel the need to buy a new wardrobe for vacation to fit the aesthetic of the destination or to look good in pictures when we could just make do with what we already have. Look through the clothes in your closet and put outfits together before going out of your way to buy clothes that you’ll never wear outside of vacation. Then only purchase essentials or anything that you don’t already have.


Transportation is another huge part of vacation expenses so it’s important that you choose the correct mode of transportation for your trip. Whether you catch a flight, a train, a bus or drive yourself transportation can be pricey. If you’re renting a car, check the prices of multiple car rental places to compare deals before settling on one. Also keep in mind that if you are traveling a far distance that gas prices are likely to vary state to state so be prepared. If you are flying, catching a train, or a bus book your tickets in advance, the prices tend to be lower this way.