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Meet Michelle Wells

Your Member Business Banking Supervisor shares what brings her joy in her job and gives advice for businesses on the hunt for financial partners. 

In this series, we sit down with members of the Business Banking Team to learn a little bit about their interests and specialties. Read on to meet Your Business Banking Representative.


About Michelle

Name: Michelle Wells
Job: Member Business Banking Supervisor
Pets: Three dogs (Rocco, Jamie, Dolly) and two cats (Boo, Larry)
Hobbies: Rescuing animals, traveling internationally

Q: Can you give us an overview of your role at Point Breeze Credit Union?

A: I've been with Point Breeze for 12 years, starting as a Business Services Specialist. My role involves understanding our members' needs and ensuring we offer competitive products and services. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our members, understanding them as people and business owners.

Q: What’s your professional background?

A: I've been in banking for over 30 years, and before joining Point Breeze, I worked with larger banks like PNC. I’ve never been happier than I am in my current role where I get to be a part of a dynamic team of community-minded people working towards a shared goal of excellent member service!

Q: What brings you joy in your job?

A: You hear a lot of stories about businesses struggling in this economy. It’s a really competitive market right now. The most rewarding part of my job is getting to help the hardworking small business owners in our community not only get through tough times, but really grow and thrive. It’s all about those wins, big and small, and knowing that we played a part in their success.

Q: How has the business banking landscape changed during your career?

A: The landscape has become more complex, and it’s constantly changing. Business owners today need to be savvy, especially when managing their finances. At Point Breeze, we’ve adapted by enhancing our product offerings and focusing on what truly benefits our members in the current economy.

Q: What advice do you have for businesses looking for financial partners?

A: It’s important to look beyond just rates. Consider the loan's length, whether it's secured or unsecured, and how it affects your cash flow. And remember, it’s not just about the loan — you’re looking for a financial partner. It’s a two-way street, an ongoing conversation. You should find a financial partner that matches your business ethic and values.

Q: Can you share a success story from your time at Point Breeze?

A: At Point Breeze, we truly value character. It’s foundational in our approach to business banking. I remember some years ago working with a member who was applying for a loan and just wasn’t that well-versed in finance at the time. However, we really respected his character and had faith he would be successful, so we worked with him to get his records reorganized which enabled him to secure the loan that he needed. It’s these kinds of experiences that make the work fulfilling.

Q: What are you most proud of at Point Breeze?

A: I'm proud to be part of an organization that genuinely cares about helping people. I think everybody wants to have a job where they know they’re making a positive impact on the world, and I’m grateful to have found just that. It feels good to be passionate about your work and to know you’re a part of shaping the future of your community.

Q: What makes business banking at Point Breeze unique?

A: Our dedicated team offers a personal touch that's hard to find elsewhere. We want to have an honest conversation about your needs, and we’re always upfront about whether we’re a good fit. It all comes down to honesty and transparency — when members call, they know who they’re speaking to, and they know we want to do our best for them.

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