UChoose Rewards®

With UChoose Rewards® you earn points every time you use your Point Breeze Visa® Credit Card for purchases. The more you use your card the more points you can earn toward the rewards you want most.

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program Features

  • Earn 1 point for every dollar spent on purchases—wherever you shop1
  • Earn additional points when you shop at participating national and local retailers (find participating retailers and potential point offerings at uchooserewards.com)
  • Earn even more points when you shop online at participating retailers through uchooserewards.com
  • Redeem your points for just about anything—it’s your choice! Choose from millions of options—products, travel experiences, activities, event tickets, music and game downloads—a vast online rewards catalog awaits you.
  • You can even redeem for cash back!

1You must have a Point Breeze Visa® Credit Card and register your card at uchooserewards.com to earn points. UChoose Rewards is available for all Point Breeze Consumer and Business Credit Card accounts. Cash advances and balance transfers are not included in the rewards program.