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Meet Maggie Girardot

Meet your Member Business Banking Specialist and learn why local banking can make a huge impact for your business.

In this series, we sit down with members of the Business Banking Team to learn a little bit about their interests and specialties. Read on to meet Your Business Banking Representative.


About Maggie

Name: Maggie Girardot
Job: Member Business Banking Specialist
Hobbies: Enjoying craft beer, hiking local trails
Favorite Harford County Spot: Vagabond Sandwich Company

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your role at Point Breeze Credit Union?

A: Sure! I’m the first point of contact for anyone interested in a business loan. My job is to gather all the necessary information and guide our members through the process until their loan is approved. With over 23 years in banking, I'm known for my speed and accuracy – affectionately nicknamed 'Naggie' for my persistent follow-ups!

Q: What brings you joy in your job?

A: What I love most is the personal relationships we build with our members. You can’t build that kind of rapport at a big bank. In the past, people used to call their banker by name and run into them out in the community, and we’re kind of old-fashioned in that sense. It’s never just about the transaction — it’s about the people.

Q: Can you share a success story or memorable experience at Point Breeze?

A: One of my most memorable experiences of which I am extremely proud was working on the PPP loans in 2020. We saw tremendous need from businesses in our neighborhoods that were struggling to keep their workforces employed during the COVID-19 crisis. We processed many PPP loans securing emergency relief for a huge amount of people in our community. The gratitude we received was overwhelming and truly heartwarming. It's moments like these that remind me why I love what I do.

Q: What's the most exciting development at Point Breeze currently?

A: Well, we just launched our new online business banking portal! This is a big step forward and a great new benefit for our business members. It allows them to manage multiple business and personal accounts all in one place.

The new portal is a direct response to feedback from our members. We’re always seeking feedback and improving our products and processes to suit their needs. The new portal streamlines the banking experience, and I’m really excited to get to share it with the world! 

Q: Why is local banking important?

A: Banking locally is the smart choice for businesses. It means you get to establish these close personal ties — the same person that helps with your business loan might refer you to resources for getting a mortgage. It’s a much friendlier, more personal experience. When people call to check on the status of their loan, I can always walk right down the hall to check in with my team, and I know members appreciate that their application isn’t floating around in some huge remote office.

Q: What message would you like to share with current and prospective members?

A: At Point Breeze, we're not just your bankers; we're your neighbors. Our responsibility is to our community, which means we’re always here to listen and chat about your needs. 

Even when we can’t approve a loan request, we’re happy to sit down and talk about the reasons why, and make recommendations to improve your creditworthiness so you can come back and try again. If you’re reading this and you have a business idea, I can’t wait to meet you!

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