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Youth Savings

A savings account for your child today, an Education Savings Account for tomorrow

Teaching children good financial habits benefits them for life

Help them start

Open a Custodial Savings Account and show your kids how their savings can build.

Get them involved

Children can deposit money on their own and track their progress.

Prepare for later

Open an ESA to plan for your child's future education expenses.

The earlier you begin, the better

We're all focused on our children's education and doing all we can to support it. A significant part of that education is learning how to manage money and save. At Point Breeze Credit Union, we offer a straightforward savings account so children can learn valuable lessons, as well as a special account for parents and grandparents to start saving for college.

Point Breeze Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with locations throughout Maryland.

1Child’s Social Security number is required for tax purposes.

2Consult with your tax advisor about potential tax savings.