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Common Personal Finance Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them


Every day you make dozens of personal finance decisions. Many personal finance mistakes are habits that can contribute to poor financial health or unnecessary extra spending. Minor missteps can sometimes lead to major economic hardships.Here are the most common personal finance mistakes with a few tips to help you avoid them.

Don’t Get Caught! How to Avoid the Bait of Phishing Scams


Email provides us a convenient and powerful communications tool. Unfortunately, it also provides scammers and other malicious individuals an easy means for luring potential victims. Phishing (pronounced “fishing”) scams use a combination of email and bogus websites to trick victims into divulging sensitive information.

How to Spring Clean Your Finances


April is Financial Literacy Month, which is a great reminder to review your finances and make sure you’re on track to meet all of your financial goals. In the spirit of spring cleaning, take steps this month to get your money in order.